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Are you ready for my new novel... (maybe grab yourself a chair for this bit):
Mutant Superhero Zombie Killing Disco Cheerleaders from Outer Space
(with Uzis)

Its a B-Movie, in a book

If you love the cheese of the 1980's video nasties, with a 1970's vibe coursing through... If you love Zombies chasing half naked college students through graveyards, shouting BRAIIIIINNNNNNNS... then this is the book for you.

The book will be featured on the Godless Horrors 31 Days of Godless promotion over the Halloween period... just click on the book, and it will take you to the site... $0.99 for a limited period.
Get your polish mitts on a copy now.

Thanks for looking... and have a great HALLOWEEN

Welcome to Dammaged productions